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Results in Recent Cases

Obtained 2  judgments  in favor of Client on the Client’s cross-complaint in the amounts of $472,948.00 and
  $430,956.00 in the case where the complaint was initially filed against Client for conversion and breach of
  fiduciary duty, alleging compensatory damages in excess of $500,000.00 as well as punitive damages.
  The complaint against Client was dismissed, and the Client won the case on his cross-complaint, getting the
  judgments against the business entities that had initially sued him, in the amounts of $472,948.00 and

Defended Client in the case where Client was sued for breach of fiduciary duty and conversion for
   $490,000.00 plus punitive damages; the case resulted in dismissal, and Plaintiff did not collect any damages
   from Defendant Client;

Settled the case, where Client initiated a lawsuit and then was countersued for $1,000,000.00; Client
   collected damages after the negotiated settlement, and paid zero $ as a result of being countersued; the
   cross-complaint against Client for 1 million $ was dismissed;

Achieved a result, exceeding the Client's expectations, when Client received a demand for ove
  $130,000.00, and was threatened to be sued; instead of paying any $ to his opponent, Client received over
  $25,000 from him: as a result of negotiations, the opponent  did not sue Client, withdrew his demand, and
   instead paid Client over $25,000.00;

Obtained a settlement for the Client, a United States wrestling champion, in the case against a renowned
   immigration attorney for fraud and legal malpractice; 

● Resolved a partnership dispute,  involving a multi-million $ property in Malibu; Client's interest was bought
   out to Client's satisfaction;

Successfully resolved a family dispute involving several million dollar trust, that has previously been subject
   of a family feud for decades

Negotiated with the Bank Client's liability as a co-signer on the car lease; liability was released, and Client
  paid zero $ to the Bank;

Defended Client who was sued for employment discrimination and harassment; the complaint against Client
  was dismissed after filing Demurrer to the Plaintiff's complaint;

Resolved a criminal case where Client was suspected of committing battery; the case was closed without
  charges pressed against Client.


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